Monday, 12 March 2012

I wasn't sure I wanted this

There are fewer ways to feel insecure; writing things, having people read them. But in the spirit of something lighter, likely to grow, I am here.

This is a recent attempt, through a brilliant workshop, to be lighter, and more likely to grow...

In Our Childhood Garden

Round, glassy, smiling eyes
at us, my sister and me,
From the depths of the bush
(Thwacked repeatedly).

Cautious steps towards them,
The dolls abandoned behind.
Slowly we touched their faces,
But they're kindly creatures, you find.

Grubby and ancient, they stood there
Ready to join in the play.
Arms wide, secret extended -
A newfound troll discovery!

Well, my eight year-old nephew liked it! Glad I pitched it in his direction. Love you Jake! x

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